David, Erin & Euan

Our hearts are full of love and our home is full of laughter. Thank you for getting to know us!

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Our Everyday Life

get to know us…

  • Met in San Antonio, TX – David is from Glasgow, Scotland and Erin is from Wisconsin; both having moved to TX for their careers. Erin was serving in the US Air Force and David working as an engineer.
  • Got married in 2017 – met on a night out with friends and dated for two years.
  • Moved to NC – for Erin’s new job and to be near Erin’s family.

About David

David enjoys…
• Windsurfing • Mountain biking
• Rock climbing • Building / fixing thing
• Ballroom dancing • Traveling

David is Scottish, having grown up in Glasgow, Scotland. He graduated from college with a degree in mechanical and product design engineering.

David is currently an engineering consultant and works from home, allowing more time to care for family and our home.

About Erin

Erin enjoys…
• Gardening • Reading/span>
• Biking • Playing games
• Ballroom dancing • Being with friends/family

Erin grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. She is passionate about her career as a doctor, allowing her to make a difference in her community. Erin is a progressively minded Episcopalian Christian and is active in her local church. Her faith is important to her and helps her connect to a community and be active in social justice causes.

After graduating from medical school, she moved to San Antonio to train as an emergency medicine doctor in the Air Force. Erin served in the military for seven years.

Meet Euan

Euan Richard is our sweet, rambunctious little guy. We spend much of our time running after him! We are looking forward to Euan being a loving big brother.